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Starting with basic janitorial office cleaning (the original service), UBS now offers carpet cleaning, hard and resilient floor carewindow washing, construction clean-upemergency cleaning, high-tech clean rooms, and numerous other services. To strengthen its position as a leading provider of full-service cleaning and maintenance, UBS also added maintenance supply sales to the services offered by the company.
True to our roots

Janitorial Office

Universal Building Services specializes in cleaning of commercial facilities, such as office buildings, electronics and biotech R&D and manufacturing facilities, chemical production sites, governmental offices at all levels, banks, manufacturing facilities and campus-style office complexes. Because no two customers have identical janitorial needs, UBS cleaning programs are tailored for each individual client.

Window Washing

Window Washing

Clean, sparkling windows help make any environment brighter and more pleasant. Clean windows reflect pride in the building and increase workplace productivity. We recommend that exterior windows be cleaned from 1 to 4 times per year, depending upon conditions. UBS window washers are experienced in cleaning all types of windows in all types of structures and situations. Whether you desire a one time cleaning or a periodic cleaning schedule, contact us for a free estimate.

Carpet Shampooing

Carpet Shampooing

Carpet shampooing removes soil which adheres to the carpet fibers and cannot be removed by normal vacuuming and spot cleaning. If not removed periodically, this soil acts as an abrasive and will gradually cause fiber wear and eventually result in irreparable damage to the carpet. In addition, the accumulation of soil causes unsightly "traffic patterns" and a dulling of the carpet's colors.

UBS employs the proper procedures and applies the correct chemicals to clean your type of carpeting. Carpet services include:

  • Hot water extraction
  • Bonnet shampooing
  • Rotary brush technique
  • Dry chemical cleaning

We will also help you establish a thorough, cost-effective carpet care program to provide longevity to your carpet investment.

UBS Equipment Machinery

Hard & Resilient Floor Care

UBS floor crews are specialists in caring for resilient and hard floors, such as terrazzo, glazed and unglazed ceramic tile, quarry tile, marble, exposed aggregate and concrete.

Floor care services include:

  • Stripping
  • Sealing
  • Finishing
  • Maintenance
  • Anti-static treatment
  • Anti-slip treatment
  • Conductive floor care

Our crew chiefs will meet with you to learn your floor care needs and ultimately provide the "look" you desire in your floors.

Hard Resilient Floor Care

Construction Clean-Up

Whether you are a general contractor in need of an experienced company to provide clean-up for a major construction site or a property manager requiring move-in cleaning for a new tenant's demo and build, Universal Building Services will provide experienced cleaning and supervisory personnel to handle debris removal, dusting, vacuuming, surface cleaning, carpet and floor treatment, partition glass and window washing, and any other maintenance related tasks requested.

Emergency Clean Up

Emergency Cleaning

UBS provides emergency cleaning services for all types of buildings and situations. 

Whether you need to tidy up after an untimely mess, or recover from an unexpected disaster, UBS will respond quickly and get you back to normal operations. 

About History

Electronic & Biotechnology Clean Rooms

UBS is available to clean your clean room according to your frequency and your maintenance protocols.

Our cleaning services can be your only cleaning program, or it may supplement your own in-house activities.

Equipment and chemicals are chosen to be compatible with your processes and systems. Disinfection and sanitization routines are matched to fit your existing procedures.


Contact us for a free professional assessment of your cleaning needs!